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Petri dish with growing cultures of microorganisms and moulds

Proficiency testing “Microbiology”

In our proficiency testing program for microbiology, over 150 proficiency tests in a wide variety of matrices are available to the laboratories. All relevant microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, yeasts, moulds) are covered, a small selection can be found in the following overview:

Risk group 1 / Risk group 2

    • E.coli, Enterobacteriacae, Yeasts, Moulds
    • Salmonella, Listeria, Clostridia, Staphylococci, Noroviruses

Risk group 3**

  • e.g. EHEC

Our microbiological proficiency testing schemes are characterised by a number of specific features. These special features ensure that the bacteria have an actual matrix reference and that undesirable interference effects are not taken into account in the evaluation and performance assessment.

  • Only vegetative microorganisms are used, i.e. living bacteria and fungi in the real matrices
  • Essentially, mono germ systems are used, i.e. only one germ or one type of bacteria is examined in the interlaboratory test

The statistics for the evaluation of the microbiological proficiency tests make it possible to determine additional information on laboratory measurement uncertainty and various scatter and uncertainties of the individual laboratories. This evaluation possibility is not provided by any other proficiency testing scheme provider.



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  • food and feed

    milk and dairy products, fruit and vegetables, beverages, meat, fish and seafood

  • consumer goods for food contact

    e.g. foils (mould and aerobic bacteria), paper / cardboard (spore formers)

  • consumer goods for body contact

    e.g. cosmetics (O/W emulsion), tattoo products, textiles (antibacterial effectiveness)

  • water

    e.g. drinking water, surface and waste water, recooling water, mineral and table water

  • medical devices

    e.g. sterilization of medical devices, identification of microorganisms, face masks

  • building materials

    e.g. quantitative determination of moulds on different building materials

  • indoor Air

    e.g. quantitative determination of moulds and yeasts in indoor air

Reference Material Microbiology:

Certified reference materials are offered as an addition to our proficiency tests. This material is available in all areas where proficiency testing is offered. The application possibilities are manifold, whether for keeping control charts, for validation between two proficiency test participations or for training of employees.

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