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Modern and clean testing laboratory for proficiency testing
Proficiency testing as a gearwheel of quality assurance

DRRR – Proficiency testing / round robin

As an accredited provider of proficiency testing / round robin with over 15 years of experience, we offer you high-quality proficiency tests in a wide range of testing and analytical areas. The focus is on the areas of food, consumer goods, material testing and microbiology, as well as medical devices. A detailed overview of the proficiency testing schemes offered can be found either in our online system (ODIN) or via the catalogs in the navigation menu on the left.

For the development and execution of our proficiency tests, we combine statistical know-how with corresponding technical competence. In this way, the specificity of individual parameters can already be taken into account in the design of the proficiency test. In this way, we also ensure that the intended statistics always match the data of the examination / test.

Proficiency testing – many good reasons to participate

Participation in proficiency tests provides you with an objective and independent comparison of your quality and performance in the laboratory routine. The regular participation in proficiency tests is mandatory for testing laboratories with an accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025 and is required by governmental institutions, associations and customers within the scope of qualification procedures. Through regular participation in proficiency tests you will receive

  • Performance evaluation

    a performance evaluation in comparison to other laboratories worldwide

  • Method comparison

    the possibility to make method comparisons

  • Proof of competence

    a proof of competence towards customers and certification bodies

  • Estimation of measurement uncertainty

    a plausibility proof of your measurement uncertainty estimation

  • Cost saving

    a cost saving through early corrective measures

How does a proficiency test at the DRRR work?

Our processes are completely digital, from registration to report. Our online system (ODIN) is available to you for this purpose. After successful registration in the system, you can conveniently book and manage your proficiency tests online.
All communication (e.g. technical instructions, shipping dates, reminders for results submission) runs through this system. This ensures that you receive or have access to all necessary information.
The transmission of your test or examination results also takes place quickly and securely via ODIN. Thus, no information is lost and nothing stands in the way of a successful participation in an proficiency test.
At the end you can download your reports and certificates in ODIN. Access is possible at any time, even if you need information at short notice (e.g. in an audit). Access is also guaranteed for previous years

Specialties organoleptic (sensory)

The DRRR has special expertise in the field of organoleptic (sensory) proficiency testing schemes and offers a large number of proficiency tests on this topic. Here are some examples: Here are some examples:

  • Ranking check
  • Triangle test
  • Threshold value examination
  • Descriptive examination

The statistical traceability of these interlaboratory comparisons allows a clear statement to be made as to the extent to which the respective test persons and panels have achieved their performance according to the materials provided or how far their optimization potential goes. From these systems it is possible to calculate and determine possible uncertainty determinations both for the individual examiner and for an entire panel.