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Reference systems

Reference systems – laboratory quality assuranc

The DRRR offers a wide range of analytical reference systems for laboratory quality assurance. These represent a metrologically secured traceability of your laboratory work and can be integrated into the respective laboratory processes. The reference systems basically consist of the following elements:

  • external quality monitoring program with regular monitoring and calibration of the analytics and continuous support by the DRRR monitoring team
  • individually prepared sample plans and highly secured reference materials
  • an accompanying proficiency testing scheme
  • laboratory assessment and evaluation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

By constantly monitoring and safeguarding the analytical methods and selecting the right control parameters, we help you to

  • Strengthening the external image

  • Optimization of the production

  • Savings in raw materials and costs

  • Increase in laboratory performance and quality

The evaluation of the monitoring data is carried out by the DRRR within five hours and reported to the customers. In the event of incidents, prompt intervention can be taken and production can be controlled in a targeted manner.