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Various foods (fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables) on a wooden table

Proficiency testing “Food and feed”

In our program “proficiency testing food and feed”, over 160 proficiency tests in a wide range of matrices are available to the laboratories. For the laboratories of the food industry, as well as official and private laboratories, all important disciplines are covered:


    • various foods and feeds, as well as drinking water

Molecular biological- immunological

    • e.g. determination of animal species and genetically modified organisms (GMO)

Organoleptic (sensory)

    • e.g. ranking test, triangle test, threshold test

With the help of the proficiency tests, the usual main group parameters (e.g. fat, protein and dry matter) as well as secondary parameters and trace parameters can be verified. The field of harmful parameters (e.g. mycotoxins, residues and allergens) is also covered by our proficiency testing program.



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  • milk and dairy products

  • fruit and vegetables

  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

  • egg products

  • meat, fish / seafood, animal species

  • grain / cereals

  • honey and beeswax

  • animal feed

  • other food and dairy products

Reference material food and feed

In addition to our proficiency tests, we offer certified reference material. This is available in all areas in which proficiency tests are also offered. The application possibilities are manifold, whether for keeping control charts, for validation between two proficiency test participations or for training of employees.

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