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Reference material as a gearwheel of quality assurance

Reference materials – laboratory quality

The DRRR reference material provides laboratories with a high-quality tool for quality control and quality assurance.

The characterization of the reference values and their uncertainty is usually carried out within the framework of our proficiency tests. As a special feature, our quality control materials thus have a direct relation to the products that enter the distribution chain. Thus, it is possible to use the results directly for the own needs in the respective companies and thus to draw very direct conclusions on the own laboratory quality.

Through the regular use of our reference material you receive:

  • Quality monitoring

    continuous monitoring with control charts


  • Interim audit

    a safeguard e.g. between two proficiency test participations


  • Staff training

    the possibility to train your employees


  • Estimation of measurement uncertainty

    a possibility to determine the measurement uncertainty of a method


  • Cost saving

    a cost saving through early corrective measures


Further benefits from the use of reference material

To ensure the accuracy of analysis and test results, laboratories can use reference material. Accuracy is usually defined as the agreement of a measured value with a reference value. Systematic errors, such as sample preparation or implementation of the method in the test laboratory, are of primary importance here. With the help of reference material, however, differences between different analysis and testing devices or test persons can also be determined.


Availability of reference material

Our reference materials are available in the fields of food and feed, microbiology, materials testing and consumer goods. Our long-term calibration material “Standaron ®” was developed with a focus on milk, cream and whey. Please use the menu items to get more information or contact us directly with your request.

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Quality assurance steps

Using a special DRRR procedure, homogeneity and stability of the materials are ensured. Thus, the materials are suitable used for various purposes in testing laboratories and testing bodies.

Reference materials go through three essential steps of quality assurance:

  1. Preliminary investigation to verify the requirements
  2. Each material undergoes a homogeneity test
  3. Reference value determination according to the principle of “Consensus Values” in a proficiency test. The assigned value from the respective proficiency test is assigned to the material.