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Proficiency testing as a gearwheel of quality assurance

About us – Proficiency testing and reference material

The German Reference Office for Proficiency testing and Reference materials (DRRR) is an ISO/IEC 17043 accredited proficiency testing provider and provider of certified reference material. We are active in the field of chemical-physical, microbiological and organoleptic analysis as well as mechanical-technological materials testing and related fields.

Our customers come from the processing industry or are official and private test laboratories. These companies come from the food industry, the packaging industry, the automotive industry, the plastics industry, the textile industry or the construction industry, among others. All areas of the value chain are covered, from raw material suppliers to end producers.

In addition to our standard program of more than 700 proficiency tests,, we also offer individually organized proficiency tests for associations and working groups. these can also be used for the qualification of suppliers. The generation of precision data for standardization work can also be a goal of individually organized round robin tests.

We offer you a wide range of certified reference materials adapted to the DRRR proficiency tests. Reference materials can be used, for example, for continuous quality monitoring, staff training or the calculation of measurement uncertainty.

Individual monitoring programs and quality consulting with auditing and evaluation according to ISO/IEC 17025, as well as training courses for quality assurance in laboratory and production complete our range of services.

  • Food and feed

    Chemical-physical/molecular biological-immunological/organoleptic proficiency tests and reference materials, in the following matrices (selection): milk and dairy products, beverages, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish and animal feed.

  • Microbiology

    Microbiological proficiency tests and reference materials with all relevant microorganisms up to the area of risk group 3** (EHEC), here a selection of matrices: Food, consumer products, water, medical devices and building materials.

  • Material testing

    Proficiency tests and reference materials for a large number of different materials, here is a selection: Plastics (polymers), rubber, metals, composite materials, pipes, textiles, leather and building materials, as well as coatings such as painting and electroplating.

  • Consumer goods and packaging

    Chemical-physical and organoleptic proficiency tests and reference materials, in the following matrices (selection): food contact materials (films, cardboard, paper), body contact materials (textiles, leather, jewelry, cosmetics), as well as toys and metal.

  • Medical devices

    Proficiency testing schemes and reference material for a large number of different medical devices. The term medical device covers all instruments, substances, objects, machines and software that are used in humans for physical therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. In Germany alone there are over 450,000 different medical devices on the market. T

  • Mineral oil products and fuels

    Chemical-physical proficiency testing schemes and reference materials for a large number of difference mineral oil products and fuels. Mineral oil products such as fuels and oils are strictly controlled products. They are based on legal regulations and limit values which must be observed during their entire life cycle and during all processing steps.


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