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Modern and clean testing laboratory for proficiency testing

Payment and delivery terms

Terms of payment and delivery of DRRR GmbH


Terms of payment

Our prices are net prices (plus 19% value added tax). Customers from European countries can provide us with their EU-VAT-Identification number, then they will be exempt from German value added tax.

Terms of payment: 8 days net, without deduction

Fees for specially required customs documents such as import permits or similar will be invoiced according to time and effort.

Our bank details:

Raiffeisenbank in Allgäuer Land / bank code 733 692 64

Account 102350 / IBAN DE 94733692640000102350


Sales tax ID no. DE254613132

tax number 127/124/32207


Terms of delivery

Shipping costs for reference materials and proficiency tests will be invoiced according to time and effort. All samples and packaging materials are the property of the DRRR GmbH. Samples that are used for non-destructive testing and are therefore not subject to destruction in the course of the proficiency test can be reclaimed by the DRRR upon request. The DRRR shall bear the shipping costs for the return transport if the materials are reclaimed.

Proficiency tests or reference materials marked “frozen” are shipped with our ADR safety tested frozen packaging system. A packaging fee is charged for the polystyrene box including cooling accumulators and air bubble film as well as the protective outer packaging. Frozen materials are shipped by express service. With the delivery of reference materials, you will receive a quality certificate with the details of the respective reference values as well as associated uncertainties.


Terms of delivery (risk group 1, 2 and 3)

Proficiency tests or reference materials marked with “Risk Group 1” are not subject to any participation restrictions according to § 44 IfSG (Infektionsschutzgesetz).

For proficiency tests or reference materials marked with “risk group 2, or risk group 3**”, we need a permission from your laboratory according to § 44 IfSG (Infektionsschutzgesetz) or similar. Please enclose a copy of the permission with your registration or order.