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Environmental testing - EMC

Proficiency testing "Environment / EMC"

In cooperation with the consulting company 4TIERS GmbH from Hamburg, Germany, we have developed a new new proficiency testing program in the field of environmental testing and EMC.
For the year 2024 the focus will be on the following test areas:

Environmental testing:

  •  Vibration / Shock
  •  Change of temperature and damp heat

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC):

  •  Radiated Emission / Radiated Susceptibility (Immunity)
  •  Conducted disturbance / Conducted immunity

This proficiency testing program, developed and first time offered in 2022, closes a gap for all accredited laboratories in the field of environmental testing and EMC. Until now, laboratories had to make use of interlaboratory comparisons or other comparative measurements. Now our professionally organized proficiency testing program can help to fulfill the requirements of accreditation.

Vibration / Shock

IEC 60068-2-6, -2-27, -2-64

Two proficiency tests, with several rounds per year depending on demand, are available:

  • Vibration - sinusoidal / broadband random IEC 60068-2-6, -2-64
  • Shock IEC 60068-2-27

The test consists of up to 3 tasks::

a.) Qualification of the main movement with evaluation of the disturbance sensitivity as an interaction between test specimen and testing machine.
b.) Qualification of the transverse movement with evaluation of the disturbance sensitivity as an interaction between test specimen and testing machine.
c.) Measurement of the characteristic resonance frequencies of the test specimen

Change of temperature / damp heat

IEC 60068-2-14, -2-30, -2-39

Two proficiency tests are availablee:

  • Change of temperature (25°C – 55°C) IEC 60068-2-14
  • Damp heat and temperature/humidity cyclic IEC 60068-2-30, -2-38


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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Radiated Emission / Radiated Susceptibility (Immunity)

The EMC test object may be identical for all test tasks and consists of a tabletop unit with various supply connection options suitable for the specific task, e.g. 230V / 50 Hz, 12 V DC, 28 V DC.

More than 30 different proficiency tests can be booked for this testing field. Here is an overview sorted by industry:

Part I - industry - Aerospace:

  • Emission of Radio Frequency Energy ABD0100.1.2 (section 3.4.5)
  • Emission of Radio Frequency Energy RTCA DO-160 (section 21)
  • Emission of Radio Frequency Energy BOEING D6-36440
  • Radio Frequency Susceptibility (Radiated) ABD0100.1.2 (section 3.3.3)
  • Radio Frequency Susceptibility (Radiated) RTCA DO-160 (section 20)
  • Radio Frequency Susceptibility (Radiated) BOEING D6-36440

Part II - industry - Military

  • Radiated Emissions – Electric Field MIL-STD461 (RE102)
  • Radiated Emissions - Electric Field AECTP 500 (NRE02)
  • Measurement of radiated emissions VG95373-12 (SA04G)
  • Radiated susceptibility - electric field MIL-STD461 (RS103)
  • Radiated susceptibility - electric field AECTP 500 (NRS02)
  • Immunity to radiated disturbances VG95373-13 (SF03G)

Part III - industry - Shipping:

  • Radiated emission DNV-CG-0339 (section 14.11)
  • Electromagnetic field (E-Field) IACS E10 (No. 19)
  • Radiated emission (E-Field) - Lloyd's Register No. 1 (section 29)
  • Radiated electromagnetic field immunity DNV-CG-0339 (section 14.8)
  • Immunity to Radiated Radio Frequency Fields - IACS E10 (No. 14)
  • Immunity to Radiated Radio Frequency Fields - Lloyd's Register No. 1 (section 24)

Part IV - industry - Automotive / Automobile:

  • Radiated emissions assemblies - Anechoic chamber CISPR 25
  • Broadband and narrowband electromagnetic interference (ESA) - UN ECE R10 (6.5 / 6.6)
  • Electrical disturbances - Absorber-lined shielded enclosure ISO 11452-2
  • Immunity (ESA) - electromagnetic radiation - free field UN ECE R10 (6.8)

Part V - industry - Railroad / rail vehicles

  • Radio compatibility - Measurement on devices EMV06 (Annex E)

Part VI - CE Approval / general requirements

  • Radiated disturbance CISPR 16-2-3, EN 55016-2-3, EN 55011

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Conducted disturbance / Conducted immunity

Part VII - CE Approval / general requirements:

  • Conducted disturbance CISPR 16-2-1 and EN 55016-2-1
  • Electrostatic discharge immunity IEC 61000-4-2
  • Electrical fast transient immunity IEC 61000-4-4
  • Surge immunity IEC 61000-4-5
  • Immunity to conducted disturbances (radio-frequency fields) IEC 61000-4-6
  • Power frequency magnetic field immunity IEC 61000-4-8
  • Impulse magnetic field immunity IEC 61000-4-9
  • Damped oscillatory magnetic field immunity IEC 61000-4-10
  • Voltage dips, short interruptions, voltage variations immunity IEC 61000-4-11

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