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Tensile testing machine for material testing

Reference material “Material testing”

You will find a variety of the chemical-physical and physical-mechanical reference materials with different parameters in the following test matrices:

  • plastics and plastic products

    Thermoplastische Kunststoffe, Folien, Rohre, Schaumstoffe, Composites

  • rubber and TPE

    all relevant properties required for characterization

  • surface coating

    e.g. painted and galvanized plastics and metals, layer thicknesses

  • metals

    e.g. aluminium wheels (Filiform, CASS), corrosion testing (NSS, CASS)

  • personal protective equipment

    e.g. warning clothing, protective clothing against rain, heat and flames

  • leather

    e.g. mechanical properties, burning behaviour, rubbing fastness

  • textiles

    e.g. fabric properties, functional properties and colour fastness

  • building materials

    e.g. solid concrete, cement, mortar for masonry and insulating materials