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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their answers about Online Portal (ODIN), proficiency testing, reference material and statistics.

Category: Online Portal / Online Catalog:

How can I log-in to the online portal of the DRRR?

his link will take you to the start page of our online catalogue:

Here you can log-in with the known access data (please pay attention to the upper and lower case of your e-mail address) or request an activation link via the button “Forgot your password? Please note that the link only works once. After clicking the link several times, you will receive an error message. As a new customer you can of course register here.

Must the online portal be used for participation in the proficiency testing?

No, every participant can decide for himself whether he wants to use the portal or not, there is always an “analog” way available. Since the data handling when using the “analog” way involves additional effort, participation in the PT’s in this way is associated with additional costs for the participant.

Can I cancel my participation in the proficiency test at any time?

You will be informed about the cancellation conditions directly after registration. Up to 3 months before the start of the PT you can cancel free of charge.

Can I also buy reference material in the online portal?

Currently the online portal is limited to booking of proficiency tests, but we are working on an extension for the purchase of reference materials and hope to offer this service soon.

How can I release my results in ODIN?

You can release the results in ODIN by clicking the button “Release and Transmission of Proficiency testing results”. Please note that this button only appears if all fields are filled in. Sometimes an additional empty result sheet is created in ODIN, this must be deleted and then the entered values must be saved again. Then the release button appears.


Category: Statistics:

On what basis are the proficiency test of the DRRR evaluated?

We work according to the specifications of ISO/IEC 17043 and the associated regulations, e.g. ISO 13528. In our statistical protocol, which is available in the online portal, all procedures for our applied statistics are described in detail. We would be pleased to provide you with this document on request.

What is precision data and what can they be used for?

With the help of precision data, e.g. expressed by the parameters repeatability (r) and comparability (R), the quality of a measuring method can be described. The DRRR calculates the precision data of the selected reference method on the basis of ISO 5725-2 and, wherever possible or appropriate, on the basis of the available proficiency test results. This is an additional service that you can use directly for your laboratory routine.


Category: Reference material:

How quickly are the reference materials available/deliverable?

If it is a stock item, it can usually be shipped within 5 – 10 working days. For reference materials that are currently in the certification phase, i.e. in the proficiency test, the delivery time can be considerably longer. For further information on delivery times of special reference materials please contact our customer managers: