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Petri dish with growing cultures of microorganisms and moulds

Reference material “Microbiology”

You will find a variety of microbiological reference materials with different microorganisms in the following test matrices:

  • food and feed

    milk and dairy products, fruit and vegetables, beverages, meat, fish and seafood

  • consumer goods for food contact

    e.g. foils (mould and aerobic bacteria), paper / cardboard (spore formers)

  • consumer goods for body contact

    e.g. cosmetics (O/W emulsion), tattoo products, textiles (antibacterial effectiveness)

  • water

    e.g. drinking water, surface and waste water, recooling water, mineral and table water

  • medical devices

    e.g. sterilization of medical devices, identification of microorganisms, face masks

  • building materials

    e.g. quantitative determination of moulds on different building materials

  • indoor Air

    e.g. quantitative determination of moulds and yeasts in indoor air